Our Philosophy

We believe that language is the foundation of culture. Once a language has gone dormant or extinct, then the culture associated with it may become susceptible to assimilation, misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Language also informs our worldview. Speaking, reading, and writing Kouri-Vini provides a more profound connection to our culture and identity. We believe that having engaging learning resources and a strong community of learners is essential to the reclamation of an endangered heritage language.

Our Board

Shantal Frazier


Dr. Christophe Landry


Assistant Director of Programs

Michael Gisclair


Amber Leigh Moore

Public Relations

Clif St. Laurent

Vice President

Director of Programs

Jonathan Mayers


Dr. Angélique Bergeron

Tammy Ozier

Jason LeDeaux

Shawanda Marie

Brandon Joseph

Dr. Sheriden Booker

Candice Perkins Montgomery

Kalindah Marie Laveaux

Shannon Boutté

Former Board Members

Adrien Guillory-Chatman

Chanel Jones

Chinbo, Inc.

Our Mission

Chinbo, Inc. is devoted to the reclamation of Kouri-Vini, Louisiana’s endangered Creole language.

To achieve our mission, we:

Provide educational and learning resources to the Louisiana community and its diaspora.

Our Vision

To see a resurgence of Kouri-Vini spoken within the global Louisiana Creole community.


Reunion: We value family and community collaboration within the Gulf South region of the historical Louisiana territory and the Louisiana Creole diaspora.

Reconnection: We value Kouri-Vini–a language indigenous to Louisiana–and its historical expression of the Louisiana Creole culture. We strive to provide people the opportunity to continue living our cultural traditions through Kouri-Vini.

Relearn: We value (re)learning heritage languages from both community and academic knowledge.

Rejuvenation: We value (re)investment in traditional and technology-based resources which give new vigor to Kouri-Vini education.

Reclamation: We value our whole history and believe that Louisiana and Gulf South region Creole people should tell their own story, shedding selective history, disinformation, commodification, and stereotypes.

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